Damage Kontrol


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Damage Kontrol Album is all deep lyrical content without profanity lyrics. HTLA is reverted back to the days of how REAL rap was won for the fans to like and chant about. Damage kontrol has been selected for this Album to tamed the tongue and think about the possiblities of controlling the damage without the killing,name calling,court cases,dope smoking,etc. This Album makes you think about how things are and how everything changes. Sit back and listen to ALL the songs. I'm sure one of them will catch your heart.


released December 25, 2010

Produced & recorded,etc. by Henry Royster (HTLA) I've done 99% of ALL vocals on this Album.



all rights reserved


Hood: The Lyrical Arsonist - HTLA Grand Blanc, Michigan

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Track Name: A Better Tommorow
A better tommorow


Moral values- tossed up out the window wide open,
and copin' for a wish and dried up like a fish.

With no water to move in - cause ya' life's in a spin,
Let's begin- to where it started being all broken-hearted.

and departed - from the ones you love being right by your side,
But you push them away - cause didn't swallow your pride.

You get that sinkin' feelin' in ya' heart - and in your mind,
The hunger for wisdom & knowledge you can't even find.

Combined with the hurt - makes you even harder to work,
Walkin' the line between the good and the bad,

It's sad, from riches 2 rags, to even paper & plastic bags,
You thought ya' life was simple, just look in the mags.

Faces lookin' branded and painted their hearts tainted,
Brushed with semi-gloss - to emboss - and threw away their cross.

More money than sense - and times they need to borrow,
I'm not only one looking for a better tomorrow.


There ain't no service with no smile - cause we just work to survive,
Standing like a pawn in chess - takin' baby-steps and slide.

How much can you take - before you strike and they strike too,
Strike three, Beggin' God for forgiveness on ya' knees.

My enemies - are not who I look at everyday in dismay,
Why you think we go to church? not just only to pray!

We sway - they sway - away from all the new founded glory,
It's just another story - you say! That's gonna bore me.

Searching for ways ya' entire life to cover the pain,
Leavin' stains in people brains - while you take the remains.

Got framed - like roger rabbit - cause you couldn't break ya' habit,
Eyes glowing like some diamonds in the night you had to have it.

Solve ya' problems one at a time from the back of ya' mind,
and rewind, that everything is gonna be just fine.

Incline, and look back from all the pains & sorrrows,
We all hopin' for better days and a better tommorow.


Pushin' limits from beyond from the point of no return,but don't get burned,
They want you to tell em' No lessons learned.

Where's the earnings from my work and people lookin' with a smirk.
Desserts - is not a meal no more cause their servin' up hurt.

Colored krisis around the world and were at each other thorats,
Stay a float - the casualties comin' back twisted and broke.

Sugar coat the kids - the home training they forgot,
Internet and videos - look at their minds just rot.

Blew up like a loons - with the lead of autism,
That's why I formulate this rhythm to pump it up in their systems.

People die for wrong reasons and their timimg is way off,
More closer to death - and making you hold ya' last breath.

Put ya' self to the test - Challenge ya' self before others,
If you open your mind - you will see there is no color.

One race on the world - and we still can't get along,
As I get older - I ask myself where did we go wrong?

Chorus: A better Tommorow is what we were all lookin' for, The hurt - The rich - The Lost - The Poor!

A better Tommorow mane - A better Tommorow!
Track Name: Bounce


Change fallin' out my pockets it hit the ground and it, Bounce!
Speed bumps on the street make my car just, bounce!

Even pot holes that I try to dodge make it, Bonuce!
In the winter when I fall on my butt I go, Bounce!

Ballons fallin' from a party hit the floor and it Bounce!
Killer cross-overs with a bastketball the ball Bounce!

When it rains it pours and the water drops go, Bounce!
When I see a honey joggin' down the street and she, Bounce!


Men flexin' their pecs the honeys like it when it Bounce!
Fools skatin' on boards and get scarred end with a Bounce!

Too much junk in ya' trunk Make it rattle, shake, and Bounce!
In the club fools actin' crazy and they get straight, Bounce!

Kids on the trampoline jumpin' up and down they, Bounce!
Throw ya' hands in the air back and forth and make it, Bounce!

Everybody nod ya' heads with me and make it, Bounce
Take flight off the floor come down and just, Bounce!


When you feel this beat - I know ya' head is gonna , - Bounce
I see ya' shoulders is goin' up & down with a, Bounce

Candy cars Keep it droppin' and make it - bounce
If I write a check with no money and my check just- bounce

Thick girls - Big girls - Show ya' skills make it - bounce
Now fellas don't get jealous show em' all how to - bounce

Everybody on the floor tag-team with a - bounce
Here we go! here we go! Now everybody - Bounce


I got ya' momma rockin' in the kitchen cookin' and she - bounce.
Ya' daddy in his car drivin' down the road and he - bounce.

Sister with her friends too and her whole crew - bounce.
Brother got it full blast keep on blastin' with a - bounce.

Old folks comin out of their seats cmon and - bounce
I got the young ones flippin' around look at em' - bounce

It don't matter who you are feel the beat and - bounce
I got the whole wide-world with me now everybody - bounce.

Copyrighted ©2010 Ghettofinga Ent.
Lyrics By HTLA!
HenryH. Royster III
Track Name: I Don't wanna Go (with you)
All lyrics and vocals has been by HTLA. trying something new!